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and AGAIN im restarting this journal. when will i ever get it right?

i write write write, become bored, and then ditch the journal. then i come back, re update everything.. and eventually do the same thing.

im a pretty simple person - i enjoy doing what most of us do. I love being with friends, doing what we do. we have good conversation, and hit alotta bongs.
im sorta paranoid about a lot of things. ill think of the WORST possible outcomes of situations, and dwell on it.
I also tend to be pretty impulsive - once i get something in my head, its gotta be done - and its gotta be done now.

i dont know what else to say. you'll probably pick up on things as you read my updated journal [if its ever updated..]

i enjoy giving and receiving love and affection. and thats how we do!